Low GPU Usage on latest SU15 beta version

Version: Flighting SU15 beta -

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: High

Context: Low GPU Usage on Ground or Air

**Bug description:Low GPU Usage on Ground or Air after updated to SU15 latest beta version


Detail: using A20N iniBuilds in EGLL Heathrow. Usually the GPU usage will reach 80-90% but after SU15 beta drop to 20-40%. Anyone encountered this issue?

Hello @sunfish ,

Because the issue you are reporting has nothing to do with the SDK or the DevMode, you would better report the issue on the MSFS General Forums or on the MSFS Zendesk support page.

This, the DevSupport forum, is the place specifically for 3rd party developers (myself included), for support with the SDK and DevMode, and technical issues with the sim that can cause an impact to 3rd-party devs and their work.

Carlos Gonzalez
NextGen Simulations

Hello, it just in my mind that the thing happen after newest SDK being downloaded.