Manifold_Efficiency not included in Aircraft Editor (AE)

The manifold_efficiency_table is
important when tuning a piston engine. Unfortunately Manifold Efficiency is
not included in the Engine debugger. The engine_mechanical_efficiency_table
and engine_friction_table can both be edited in the AE as well as other
pertinent engine tuning tables. Please include this missing parameter
(Manifold Efficiency) in the AE Engine debug window. I use the AE extensively
I just don’t save and resync. I edit my CFG, save it in my external editor,
resync using the AE, and confirm my change within the AE. You can’t use that
process with Manifold Efficiency as it is not included in the debugger.

Hello @Wrap23 There quite a few missing bits in the current version of the AE.
We have a developer working full time on it as we speak, adding missing
parameters and improving the logic. No ETA yet but we are aiming to deliver it
quickly. Regards, Sylvain