Many objects in one package or many objects in many packages?

I’ll pose my question using two scenarios: I created eight lighthouses around
Long Island, NY, USA. They are spread over more than 200 miles. Scenario 1: I
placed each lighthouse in its own package. Therefore users could choose and
load only those they wanted. Scenario 2: I placed all of the lighthouses in
one package. Therefore users had to either load them all or none. Which
scenario is potentially more burdensome on a) framerate, b) memory, c) loading
overhead and d) initial boot time? I’d also like to ask why in each case, but
a basic answer will suffice. This question came about when a couple of my
downloaders (free on said they wanted to
decrease the number of entries in their Community folders (from 8 to one in
this case). I provided them with Version 2 that consisted of all eight
separate packages and a ninth package that had all 8 packed into one. I heard
no reports other than thanks. Since the lighthouses are all three-LODs deep,
there is really no concern about having to display more than one at a time.
However, I question whether one package with 8 models would still load all the
textures and such but only use one set at a time, or merely load the one
model’s textures as it is displayed. Any light you can shed on this problem
will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hello @PhysicsTeacher , The system is smart enough to dynamically unload/load
objects depending on the distance from the user as well as mounting/
unmounting packages in the VFS. So you should get the same result between
several packages and one package that keeps all your objects. For practical
reasons, it may be best for you to combine everything into one package only.
Regards, Boris

Great question @PhysicsTeacher , and thank you for all your work, I’m a happy