Marketplace - A web platform for digest process instead of using Teams

It’s 2021, (almost 2022) and I’m pretty sure we could have a web version to
manage the digest process of our MarketPlace package instead of using teams to
say “hello this is my new package, see you in two month”. In fact, instead, we
could have an upload part with visible comments from MarketPlace team as well
as a flag status like “Ingest process step X: testing your package” blablabla
and made some revisions to it. Also, we will be able to make some translations
fix (I just saw that 99% of the time, Microsoft translate is used (and it is
not accurate at all in some languages) and add package fixes and have some
better KPI too… I’ll be happy to create such a web tool and sell it to MS for
some bitcoins :stuck_out_tongue: For Microsoft Team : They will be allow to see the critical
fixes on some package that need to be pushed before the new package and they
will be able to sort the priorities etc…

Hello! This is something we discussed a couple times internally. But it’s on
Microsoft’s hands, so, did you also adress this to them directly? Maybe they
have some visibility on that. (And thanks for the offer, but I’m not sure
bitcoins is acceptable currency :wink: )