Marketplace formatting issues

Is there currently an issue with the formatting in the marketplace? For one
package I have uploaded an update and I’m currently testing, The font size in
the marketplace seems to be “Heading 1” everywhere, however I haven’t changed
anything in the description. The Creator Preview in DevMode shows the
description as expected. I have seen this with other new packages as well.
Older packages that have similar formatting are not affected. Sometimes the
marketplace doesn’t show any content either, but I don’t know why and couldn’t
derive a rule yet. I double checked the packages again: the description is 1:1
identical in the marketplace.json of the old and new version. I provide
pictures and packages in a private comment. Thanks in advance, BuffyGC

I have the same issues with font size on my Marketplace product page! Jeff @
Adventum Simulations

Hello @AdventumSims
@BuffyGC , Thanks for the details, this is being
investigated… I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information. Regards,

Hello Again, @AdventumSims
@BuffyGC , I have some news ! It seems that this
behavior is due to the “#” you put in the description. However, we don’t
support it well and it causes conflicts when processing the package. I suggest
you use MY TITLE instead. Support for markdown titles (#) will be
discussed internally, but there is no ETA. Let me know if it fixes this
behavior please :slight_smile: Regards, Boris

Hi @Boris1 Thank you very much for the very quick
response. There are no Heading markdowns (#) in the description. It is just
HTML. I wonder about the different behaviour of my package. V1.0.1 and V1.1.0
has the identical description, V1.0.1 was correct, V1.1.0 not. All other
packages are running well, too. Btw.: In markdown the bold are just a bold
formatting, # 1. Heading 1 or ## 1.1 Heading 2 are different things. To have a
look about working ones, have a look to “Adventure Rhine River”, which has
Heading 1 and Heading 2 displayed correctly on the marketplace. I will upload
the marketplace.json for both versions as a hidden comment on post 1 soon…
Thank you very much again, BuffyGC

Hi @BuffyGC , The solution (bold instead of
markdown heading) I was proposing was mainly intended for AdventumSim because
his package (Sightseer Japan) seems to contain some, but I admit that in this
case, H1 or H2 titles would be more appropriate. Regarding your issue: We
tested your package but couldn’t reproduce the problem on our end. The titles
display correctly. Could it possibly be a conflict with a package in the
community folder? However, I will continue to perform tests. Regards, Boris

Hi @Boris1 , no, I think, there was no conflict.
Before running the MP-tests cycle, I cleanup my community folders. And because
it is the same issue as Adventum have, I don’t think, I forgot this cleanup.
In addition, I have 2 machines (a dev and a non dev) and the issue was on
both. Keep in mind, Rial remove all formatting tags in my life-package. I
guess, the issue is at that point, when the package is pushed/converted (html
→ markdown) to the marketplace. Did you compared the working packages I
posted with the wrong from Jeff? If you need a full package, we are uploading
to MCP, or run another test with MCP, let me know. I’m happy to help and to
test the things. BuffyGC

Hi @BuffyGC I checked again some packages with

etc and so far so good, but then I saw your tags (in the files you gave me

…-marketplacejson.txt). One thing I don’t understand is how you can have this
line in your marketplace json:


Normally, the project editor prevents using “;” in the tags field. Did you
modify your files after building/exporting them for marketplace data? Regards,

Thanks @Boris . What do you mean with “so far so good”? Can you reproduce the
issue or not? About the “;”: Looks like I’ve edited the project earlier,
maybe. I don’t usually do this. Checked the history in m local GIT and see, it
is a very long time with the “;” inside. I cannot remember if I edited the
file, or if it comes as a typo in a very former version of the DevMode. I
wondering, there is no warning/error on compile / build yet. is the “;” the
cause of the main issue with the formatting? BuffyGC

Hey, “What do you mean with “so far so good”? Can you reproduce the issue or
- I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. “is the “;” the cause of the
main issue with the formatting?”
- I’m not sure. We are testing this, but I
suggest you remove it, clean your package, build/export again, and see if the
issue still persists on your end. Regards, Boris

@Boris1 : The problem is, the issue never exists on my end. Creators Preview
was fine every time, just the Life-Package for all users in marketplace was
malformed. Of course, I removed the “;” already for a future update of the
file. BuffyGC

Hi @Boris.
An news on this topic?
Currently, the marketplace team removes all formatting tags because of this issue.

Thanks in advance,