Marketplace Question - Mission Issues

Hey all, I am trying to submit my first package for marketplace, but am
running into build issues when it comes to adding missions. Marketplace data
input is showing correctly under the creator preview as well as one mission I
have setup in the package through the project editor. When I build and export
the one mission shows correctly under Custom Content section. The moment I try
to add a second mission as a second asset to the same package the second one
does not show under Custom Content. Do I need to create a separate package for
each mission or do I create an asset for each mission under one package with
the current state of the editor for missions? Note: The missions have worked
as intended in the community folder when building and exporting them using
BushMissionGen to the community folder. I am kind of stuck as I know these
missions work in the sim using the third-party app and have been selling the
product for 9 months without any customer issues. I can’t seem to build it
through Project Editor to be able to get my product properly submitted for
marketplace inclusion. I have been approved for MS Marketplace, but am unable
to add my product to the marketplace with these issues. Thanks, Jeff @
Adventum Simulations

Hi Jeff, this is basically possible with a correct setup. Several clients of
mine are packaging multiple bush trips, discovery flights and landing
challenges into a single MSFS Market Place item. Some of them do this manually
in dev mode, others use BushTripInjector’s built-in features for bundling.

BuffyGC, Thanks for the info. I’ll take a look at your app. I’ve joined your
discord. I’ll contact you there about the license. Cheers! Jeff