Material params in Behaviors XML

Hi, this code doesn’t work, the engine doesn’t find the node:

<Component ID="$RegistrationNumber" Node="$RegistrationNumber">
   what else code 

In the 3D model .gltf file, the node name is $RegistrationNumber. How can I define this component in xml? I’ve tried:

<Component ID='$RegistrationNumber' Node='$RegistrationNumber'>
<Component ID="RegistrationNumber" Node="RegistrationNumber">
<Component ID='\u0024RegistrationNumber' Node='\u0024RegistrationNumber'>
<Component ID='&#36;RegistrationNumber' Node='&#36;RegistrationNumber'>

and others combinations, but nothing works.

Hello @Socorrista22198

$RegistrationNumber is usually a material name, not a node name so make sure this is a node.

I just tested this on the Da62 SDK sample and I was able to create a component for the registration number node named $Registration_Number_Default


Thanks, you are true, I forgot the named with $ are materials, not nodes. I got confused because in some models there is a node named RegistrationNumber with his own material $RegistrationNumber like in the C152, and in others no, for example in the 208B GRAND CARAVAN EX, where the node name is Fuselage and the material name is $RegistrationNumber.

Is there any way to manipulate the material inside the model.xml? Something like:

<Component ID="Fuselage" Node="Fuselage">
  <Material ID="RegistrationNumber" Way_to_find_the_material="$RegistrationNumber">

I found in some samples, that there is the tag Material but I don’t find more info in the SDK docs and don’t remember to see about how to use it.