Min_flaps_for_spoilerons not working!

Version: 1.34.16

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: High

Bug description: If set to anything but 0 no spoilerons. Works with 0 only.

Hello @Flysimware

The documentation is misleading for this parameter.
As opposed to the ailerons equivalent, expected value is in radians for this parameter, not degrees.
Then, it is compared to the leading edge flaps position, not the trailing edge ones.

Following this, spoilerons will work accordingly.
We will modify the documentation regarding this.


Hi @FlyingRaccoon,
Thanks for the reply. It only looks at the leading edge flaps and must read in radians? Interesting!

The Learjet 35A will not use spoilerons unless flaps are more than 25 degrees. So flaps 20 no spoilerons and flaps 40 will produce spoilerons. This bird only has trailing edge flaps.

Is there anyway, it can look at both leading and trialing edge flaps? Radians is fine but degrees would be more preferred. This is very much needed for realism.

For now I added fake leading edge flaps with no effect and used 0.5 and works perfect. Thanks for this info. Looking forward to trailing edge as well.

Hello @Flysimware

Unless you create dummy leading edge flaps that don’t have any effect on the FM, I don’t think that’s possible.


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