Model Attachments do not have their behaviors-xml applied until after "Ready to Fly" is pressed, nor during hard pause

We have reworked our aircraft extensively to use model attachments for all of
our crew and objects. We have a problem in that the crew are animated and have
their frame 0 as a T-Pose. When the user starts the flight, as the camera is
moving around the aircraft showing the “pre-flight cinematics”, the model
attachments are not loaded with their behaviors. This results in the crew
showing up in T-Pose. It appears to me that both when users send the (rare)
“hard pause” events, as well as before the “Ready to Fly”, the model
attachment behaviors are not being processed. For us we cannot hide all the
attachments at this point, as we already need to show/hide objects within each
attachment, and hiding the upstream node would preclude having the downstream
objects visible or invisible based on other code. After clicking Ready to Fly,
all is well. I would like to understand if there is any solution here that I
am missing, as its a very conspicuous bug in our product right now.

Hello @davux3 Can you provide us with your package or a demo package so we can
investigate the problem please? You will find instructions here on how to
provide us with it, section 3): [
or-crash/77) Regards, Sylvain

I’ve seen this happen too, for something I’ve been working on. Chocks and
tiedowns modelattachments visible on the “ready to fly” screen.

Hello @davux3 We have fixed this issue on our side. The fix will not make it
into SU11 but will come in one of the coming updates. Thank you for reporting
the problem. Regards, Sylvain

That’s great news … thanks for getting that one resolved …so quickly…