Model matching ignores icao_WTC?

From SDK documentation: “In those cases, if the icao_type_designator matches
an entry in the ICAO database, the model will be swapped with a generic plane
that is as close as possible to that plane, in terms of WTC, engine count and
engine type.” ______ As far as I can tell, the algorithm ignores icao_WTC and
when a plane has jet engines the MP model matching always falls back to the
generic A330 2 engine airliner model regardless of setting H / L / M as the
WTC category.

Hello @WombiiActual , Did you check the doc in the section “Note For
Multiplayer Aircraft” if it’s not because you both have the same livery title
name for example ?
Regards, Boris

I could have been more descriptive in the description, but I assumed it would
be clear from talking about WTC. I’m sorry about that. This is after the sim
has failed to match a simtitle, and then failed to match an
icao_type_designator to an installed plane, (addon is only installed on one
pc) and then attempts to fall back to a generic aircraft. The Docs then say it
should take into account WTC, engine type and engine count. The sim does not
seem to currently do that. With settings:

And general section of

atc_type ="F22"
atc_model ="Raptor"
Category = "Airplane"
pilot = "Pilot_Female_Casual"
copilot = "Pilot_Male_Casual"
instructor = "Pilot_Male_Casual"
performance =""
editable = 1
wip_indicator = 2
icao_type_designator ="F22"
icao_manufacturer ="LOCKHEED MARTIN"
icao_model ="Raptor"
icao_engine_type ="Jet"
icao_engine_count =2
icao_WTC ="L"

Here is 2 jet engines with icao_WTC =“L”:

Here is 2 jet engines with
icao_WTC =“H”: Here is 2
piston engines with icao_WTC =“L”:
Test aircraft I’m currently
using for this test (listed as Duck2 in aircraft selection), only installed on
1 pc. Screenshots is from the pc without this installed: