Modelattachments not interactive?

The Model attachment feature with their own xml files seem like it would be
perfect for adding tablets, displays, instruments and switches to both default
planes and our own aircraft. Unfortunately it seems like objects/nodes in
modelattachments can not be clicked on / pushed / interacted with, neither
with the code in the main xml nor in the attached xml. Adding a panel material
(to show a gps screen for example) also does not work. The panel material does
not activate. These objects seem to be passive and can only receive variables
for visibility or animation. Is this intentional, is it a bug, is it me
failing to use it correctly or is it just not implemented yet?

"Is this intentional, is it a bug, is it me failing to use it correctly or is
it just not implemented yet? " I would also like to know (urgently need to
know ) the answer to this one, as this not seeming to work is significantly
holding up our development.

I think the main issue to keep in mind, as explained in the SDK docs, is that
attached models use the parent object simulation, they don’t have a separate
one on their own so, whatever variable they are using in their xml behavior,
it’s related to their parent. No idea how this would affect interacting with
them inside a VC, if it’s even possible.

But some of their XML behavior for these Sub-Models do work, ie Visibility,
animation, so it is strange that some other do not. - or (a) something is
being missed by those trying to implement them or (b) The sub-Model feature is
not yet complted, or is bugged .

Sure visibilities do work, but they are based on the variables of the parent
sim. Meaning, you can’t “set” an A: variable on the attached model, you set it
on the parent, and whatever visibility or animation depends on it, it will
work, but not independently from the parent. This, of course, in case of A:
variables. If you base a visibility on an L: variable, they are global for
that session, regardless who instantiated them ( airplane, other objects, etc.
) and same for E: environment variables like time, etc., they’ll work the same
regardless if an objects is attached or not.