Move one project to another project

developers. Maybe stupid question. But I would like to ask you if is possible
to move one project to another project. Thing is. I created project Piestany
airport and as bonus I created another project of small grass strip Krakovany
near Piestany. I chosed another new project } xml file | of Krakovany, because
of maybe someone won’t want Krakovany, so they can simply delete them from the
community folder. Project Krakovany has own xml file. Also project Piestany
has own xml file. Now I have little problem, because Microsoft Marketplace
team wants implement Krakovany to Piestany, or delete Krakovany from Piestany.
Thank you very much in advance. Martin, Flying Partners Slovakia

Hi. i have made three Airports at one File. I can send you the Pakage from the
Airports, where i have made then you can see what i do for it. The Main
Airport is EDIZ. ( Regards Uli (flydata)

Hi Uli. yes please. It should be helpful for me. Thank you. Martin