MP exposure in SDK

Are there any plans for information about the MP Planes (as opposed to AI planes) to be exposed to simconnect., including names, livery, plane type, position, altitude, speed, “Flight Plans” etc etc. ie all the data that is obvious there and used by Asobo in MSFS, but that Devs cannot currently officially access.

While some of this information is “discoverable”, if you know where to look, it would be useful if it was formally made available in the SDK documentation…

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LOL I did not really expect any answers, but if you dont ask, you certainly will not get an answer …

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Just to get the conversation going, I’m curious about the end purpose of that!

Here is my motivation to ask for more MP exposure .

Currently, there are still issues with MP, and no way to tell who should be there, who should not, who was and just vanished, who is STUCK in MP, when they have really left, (gracefully, or say a CTD), when they joined of left the session, how long ago they left. IF they keep leaving & coming back, what their distance is from you, “WHAT LIVERY THEY ARE USING” etc etc etc.

The Quit/menu option list of MP x-box ids, is totally inadequate for determining anything but who is “appears” to be connected at the time you look, and only when you are not flying .

If more of the MP data was exposed by simconnect, then it would be a possible to develop a full Pull Down Menu, (or external simconnect App) with all this data laid out in an interactive Table, dynamically updating…

Since Asobo has not taken on this task in their DEV Console, it would seem an ideal task for a 3rd Party Mod to achieve.

NOTE: I am not suggesting any WRITE exposure to the MP system, the LAST THINGS ANYONE WANTS is some joker injecting 100’s of fake planes into MP,

but instead, just some way to read and display more than the current very spare details about the MP session, that has proved NOT to help at all with sorting out any MP or LIVERY issues.

All the required MP data is there, and most is displayed and used on various other parts of the sim, by Asobo, (ie World map), but it is not formally documented how to reach this data in any SDK, and while one can search and find it by various debugging means, it should not be necessary to take those time consuming steps to achieve, what should be easily done with formal documentation.

At the end of the day, I would like to see a Pull Down menu “interactive” TABLE accessible while still flying, that shows the current dynamic state and information on, those connected to my MP BUBBLE.

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