MSFS AIRAC needs to be updated to be compatible with Airport add-ons

We recently updated one of our airports addon to reflect the designator change
for the runways (from 13L/31R and 13R/31L to 14L/32R and 14R/32L). We have
never excluded the SID/STARs, but customers are reporting these are not
showing up since our update. We are almost certain this is due to each
procedure being assigned to the old runway numbering. When the addon is
uninstalled, the old numbers along with the procedures reappear. We worked on
releasing the update to our airport on time to maintain realism for our
customers. Users who pay for the navigraph subscription do not have this
problem as the AIRAC gets updated that way. Is there an estimate of when the
simulator AIRAC is going to get updated?

Hello @vpilot The new cycle will be available with
AAU1 version release. Can you tell us what airport and procedures you are
talking about so we can double check? Regards, Sylvain

SKBO El Dorado Intl Bogota Colombia. When is the AAU1 version release
scheduled for?

AAU1 version release date is not announced yet so “soon” is the best answer I
can give.

Will you be able to confirm the procedures work once you check on your end?

Have you been able to check on this?

Hello @vpilot I can confirm the cycle is up to date. In fact, the fs-base-nav
package available with the lastest flighting build should already reflect that
change. However, the issue you had with SID/STARS not being loaded correctly
is not caused by an outdated cycle. Some SID and STAR are just not correct in
the fs-base-nav package and we don’t know why yet. For example, SID ABL3A is
correct but SILE2A is empty. This is being instigated. Regards, Sylvain

Hello @vpilot We have identified the issue. It occurs when our own airport
still has runways with the obsolete ident and leads to the creation of empty
procedures. SKBO runways have been updated and procedures are now correct on
our side but we will not be able to push the updated package before World
Update 12. Regards, Sylvain