MSFS Aviation Club

To Whom It May Concern:

My school has elected to create an Aviation Drone Club. We practice flying drones after school. We are also into Aviation. In our computer lab, we want to use 3 gaming PCs to create our Flight Simulation School. We have already ordered the Flight Sticks.

Now we are debating whether to order MSFS Premium Deluxe on STEAM or Microsoft Store. What we don’t know 100% for sure is whether we need to buy 3 copies of the same game or just one. 3 student pilots will use the computers at the same time.

When I tried to order the game on STEAM, it only allowed me to add the game once to the Shopping Cart.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

You need the purchases a license for each user playing at the same time, so 3 of them

If you plan to practice drone, suggest to acquire some Xbox style controllers

(Please note This is not the right forum, for this kind of support advice to use