MSFS Avionics Development JS error in new project

Hello, I started a new project per this guide
started/setting-up-your-environment> Once I reached this portion of the guide
“Linking Your Instrument to Code” I had to add this reference to make it work
/// However the last line of the example registerInstrument(‘my-instrument’,
MyInstrument); still gives me an error saying Argument of type ‘typeof
MyInstrument’ is not assignable to parameter of type
‘CustomElementConstructor’. Type ‘MyInstrument’ is missing the following
properties from type ‘HTMLElement’: accessKey, accessKeyLabel, autocapitalize,
dir, and 277 more.ts(2345) Unfortunately this error prevents the example from
compiling. Do I need to add another reference or is there another way to
resolve this problem?

@dga @mattnischan FYI

@Yuri, We have not seen an issue like this previously. Do you have the full
code you are trying to compile? Please ensure that your MyInstrument class is
extending BaseInstrument as shown in the example class.