MSFS CTD when used with PMDG 737-800 and Tacview

Hi, A user is reporting that MSFS crashes to desktop when used with PMDG
737-800 and Tacview. (I am a member of the Tacview development team ) The user
reports that the title of the aircraft in config file is under 64 characters.
(It was previously explained to me on these forums that the title being too
long could be the cause of such a crash, which did resolve the issue for 1
user, but not for this user.) Here is the MSFS crash dump: Thanks
for your time, Erin

Hello @BuzyBee83 The crash is exactly the same. This is a mini dump so I can’t
see what string is being copied in the title but this is the same problem.
Please provide us with a full dump file and I’ll be able to give more
information about the cause. Regards, Sylvain