MSFS on 2 PC's

Hello, i have a Question about MSFS on 2 PC’s at home.On the first PC, which
is my PC in my Homecockpit, i have MSFS installed and Setup like i need it for
my Homecockpit. That means, i have there 3 Monitors connected and some special
Keys defined too. Also the Graphic setup is set up for the 3 Monitors to get
good fps. This installation and setup i dont want to touch or change. Then i
have a second PC where i want to install MSFS under the same name for some
testing, scenery development, Aircraft testing and so on. I have bought MSFS
via the MS Store and as far as i know, the settings are saved in the cloud
anyhow anywhere. Now i know i can only use 1 MSFS at the same time, not both
together. But most important for me, what happens if i do some changes in the
Grafics or key settings on the second PC? Will these changes be saved in the
cloud and if i start my MSFS on the first PC, my setup is changed then to the
settings of the test PC ? I think so and want to ask how i can solve this or
better how i can keep the settings on my first MSFS installation untouched ?

I have a xbox and a pc and when I turn on the Xbox it will tell me to shut
down or offers to shutdown the pc one. So it knows when the other is running
and both can’t be used at the same time.

Hello, thanks a lot for the Answer. Ok, that Answers the first Question, but i
thought it happens something like that to make sure there are not 2 copies
running at the same time. But the important one about the Configuration is
still open. As i wrote, its very important for me that the config on the main
PC keeps the same when i run MSFS on the Test PC. Matthias

When you start the sim it sometimes pops up a UI with a question if you want
to load the PC files saved changes or the cloud changes. I think it does this
if the time was close and you are starting up the sim recently as well. But
that is for sim changes not config changes. Are you physically changing cfg
files in notepad++ or using the AE (aircraft editor or other dev tools) ? If
yes, then you would have to update the files on the other PC before starting
the sim. You can’t expect the other PC to alter files because you developed on

Hello, yes, i saw this window sometimes, but always answer using the cloud
data. The main Question is also what Data exactly are saved in this cloud? But
i dont change any Files on the test pc. I just want to use them to test
creating/changing sceneries or aircrafts, just to test things. I know, when i
change a aircraft i have to copy it to the main pc if i want to use it there.
Thats for sure. What i dont want to loose on the Main PC are the Settings,
like Graphic, resolution,Multiwindows setup and such things. Matthias