MSFS window loses focus when switching PCs

Version: Store

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Low/

Context: Using WidevieW with MSFS on 2 PCs

**Bug description: Not sure it’s a bug! Using a switch to move the keyboard and mouse between MSFS on each PC. When on the receiving PC, the MSFS window has lost focus. To refocus, the MSFS window is minimized and restored. This happens in either direction.

Using a usb switch with a wireless receiver for the keyboard and mouse.

Repro steps: Anytime I switch from one PC to the other while MSFS is active on each PC. WidevieW does NOT have to be executing.

Hi there,

Welcome to the devsupport forums! These forums are for developers of third-party products and developers using the Flight Simulator SDK. They are not for end users or for reporting bugs about the base sim.

I suggest reporting this in Zendesk. Give them detailed instructions on how to reproduce this issue, including the hardware, such as the make and model of the switch that you are using and exactly what is plugged into each port. The more information you give, the higher chance that someone will be able to reproduce the issue. If they can’t reproduce it, they may not go forward with creating a bug report for this.

If you want to visit the forums for Flight Simulator end users, the address is

In the future, if you are not sure if something is a bug, I would suggest going to the blue User Support Hub category in the forums and asking if anyone else has come across this issue. For this particular issue, I would ask in the Hardware & Peripherals subcategory. There is a bug reporting section in the regular forums, but I strongly suggest Zendesk, as someone will definitely look at your bug report there.

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