Multiple RequestFacilityData calls pending?


Is it possible to make multiple calls to RequestFacilityData from the same thread before receiving each response or do I have to wait for the response from the first RequestFacilityData before I call it again with some other input parameters? Same question applies to RequestDataOnSimObject and RequestDataOnSimObjectType. Maybe SimConnect has a queue for incoming requests or maybe I have to handle such a queue?

I have noticed that some calls have very long response times (seconds), I’m not sure if that is normal or not. I’m calling from a standalone C# program.

I don’t have a ton of MSFS SimConnect experience, but in P3D and FSX it’s definitely a queue. If you make too many requests and fill the queue, you may get back a SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS exception (i.e. a SIMCONNECT_RECV_ID_EXCEPTION message).

Thanks, interesting! I assume I have to expect the responses coming in random order or is it a FIFO queue? Also for each RequestFacilityData, there may be many callbacks to OnRecvFacilityData, do they come in random order or are they sequenced for each request? Unfortunately nothing of all this is mentioned in the documentation.

Practice shows that requests are processed in FIFO order, and hence the responses come in the same order. Caveat: Again, based on P3D and FSX experience. MSFS may not be the same. Your best bet is to experiment!

If indeed the order is not deterministic, you’ll need to use different data request ids for each individual request. The data request id is the only distinguishing factor.

Thanks again, I guess it will probably work like in FSX even though it’s undocumented!