N-Number Responsibility

Is there any responsibility on the developer to get the owners permission to use their aircraft N-Number? Is it copyright infringement if the developer doesn’t obtain permission? Should I reserve an N-Number from the FAA for users to use?

Well… definitely don’t register a N-Number with the FAA.

Since this falls under the scope of legal advise, I would say that ultimately you should ask someone legally qualified to give that answer.

Copyright can be pretty broad. Historically, flightsim, games, modding, etc has favored forgiveness over permission. Or if requested, compliance.

But that statement shouldn’t constitute legal advise. So if that can’t be properly obtained, use your best judgement.

I don’t know a thing about aircraft development, but the SDK doesn’t require a predefined registration number, right?

If you were considering registering a number with the FAA (I don’t even know if you could do that without an actual aircraft), then it sounds like the aircraft being made is not a specific singular aircraft like Mike Patey’s Scrappy with an existing registration, but rather a make and model with more than one aircraft belonging to the model (e.g. a Cessna 150)?

If that’s the case, I would simply not add a registration number to the aircraft. As N-numbers are specific to the US, I’m sure people from other countries would want to put their own country’s registration scheme on their aircraft.