Name-Tags for SimConnect based AI Traffic

Currently it is not possible to add AI Traffic via
SimConnect_AICreateEnrouteATCAircraft or
SimConnect_AICreateParkedATCAircraft that gets an nametag like offline AI
or online AI. I would like to suggest that SimConnect based Ai traffic gets
the same tags then default AI traffic within the Sim, like we had in FSX.

Not quite the same thing, but a suggestion probably better here than a new
post, could it be considered providing a small amount of more multiplayer info
in the html/js API used by the stock MSFS nameplates? The most valuable to me
would be lat/long because from that I could calculate distance or other useful
values and use that in the formatting or content, so it’s a bit more useful
than plain distance from the user. Second most useful would be the ATC_ID
string. An additional request would be to refine the nameplate data culling
algorithm so it’s not purely planes in the current relatively narrow cone in
front of the pilot view but include relatively NEARBY planes (e.g. within
10km) in a much wider cone, e.g. +/- 90 degrees. I appreciate there is
probably a tight communications budget but the distance/FoV tradeoff could
probably be optimised a bit better than a simple cone straight ahead.