NanoVG not loading .bmp files (rare occurrence)

Just to report this somewhere, I have a VERY small number of customer
reporting issues with the F-35 XML primary control display - so that all the
the gauge works fine but all the bitmap files are not loaded/shown. The
problem is solved if the user turns off the “USE NANOVG FOR XML GAUGES”
option. This is a very rare occurrence (estimate 0.2% of our users) but maybe
worth mentioning.

Hello @Indiafoxtecho, This could be because NanoVG doesn’t support loading of
8-bit indexed bitmaps for now, although if that’s the issue every user should
experience it. Can you check if the bitmap in question are indeed 8-bit
indexed or not ? Regards, M. RIQUIER

Difficult to say for sure that there are no 8-bit bitmaps, as the gauges uses
hundreds of them (roughly 340), but most of them are 24 bit (I checked about
20 of them). Note that at the moment we have just a couple of users reporting
the problem.

The impacted users are having the issue 100% of the time or it happens
randomly for them as well?