Nav morse code bug

Adding Nav.3 to the [RADIOS] section causes the morse code for NAV 1 to stop
working for all planes until you restart the sim. The CJ4 the 747 and A320 all
have 4 navs entry’s but they use a HTML FMC code and not Lvars. So they can
get away with it. So we need to fix this as you can have up to 4 nav entry’s
according to the SDK.

      1. Nav.3 = 1, 1, 1

We will look into this - in the future, may I suggest that you use a more
specific title for your post on this platform? It will certainly ease the
processing of your request and potentially speed up the resolution of your
issue. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

I updated the title. Also yesterday i added a nav 3 entry to the Da62 sample
project to confirm and it also failed to play the nav 1 morse code.

Oh hi Eric it’s Momo from the FS Think Tank. Anyways i also found if you only
have 2 nav entry’s you can also break the nav 1 morse code by using variables
that include the index 3. So for example this is in my xml gauge (A:NAV ACTIVE
FREQUENCY:3, MHZ) or using events as well. I had this in a Asobo update
template (>K:NAV3_RADIO_SET). Hope this also helps as it seems as soon as
index 3 get called or tries to set this kills nav 1.

I have made a new discovery. When you add a new entry nav 3 the morse code for
nav 1 is reading the nav 3 index. So that is what is wrong. it’s not like it
stopped working but just updates to look for nav 3. But the odd thing is all
the other planes with only 2 nav entry’s now fail on nav 1 until you restart.

While looking at the Nav Morse, could the maximum volume be increased ? Even
at max volume, it is very significantly less loud than the COM audio. Both
should have the same Maximum Volume. Maybe its Historic Low volume is due to
past lack of Nav Volume control. Also, is the Morse sound a recording (that
could be scaled to a higher level - by Developer), or is it’s waveform
generated programmatically. However it is generated, it needs to have the
potential to be significantly louder. This has been a forum discussed & raised
issue since launch.

@EPellissier Thanks for fixing this issue i was
not aware it got fixed until today.

@EPellissier Any news on fixing this issue?

The general issue of Nav Audio not working, does not seem to be fixed for me,
when using SU10 Beta. Even removing all planes that use nav.3 or nav.4 does
not result in the restoration of Nav audio for Nav.1 or Nav.2 Prior to
Installing SU10 beta, Nav Radio Audio was working for all planes in Both Base
& Premium Packages. (Community Folder empty) Is this still an issue in SU10,
or am I the only one, and missing something here ?

Hello @Flysimware and
@N6722C This issue has been fixed on our side and
the fix will come with the next SU10 flighting update. Let us know if you
encounter any issue with it when it’s released. Thank you for reporting the
problem. Regards, Sylvain

Do you mean in a Su10 beta update, or not till Su10 Release, ? Does this fix,
I assume of the nav Audio not working at all, also include a boost to the very
low level that that audio is at Max Nav AUdio volume. I can understand
Historically a default low level, in FSX wirth no Nav Volume control, but now
in MSFS, it should be possible to set its Max volume level to that of the Coms
audio. ?

Just to be clear if you add a nav3 or nav 4 entry the nav1 will not play a
morse code.

I am now totally confused by this whole thread. My Understanding is (1) After
release, the Nav 1 & Nav 2 audio worked, but there were many comments that it
was far too low in volume. (2) In Su9, (or there abouts) support for Nav 3 &
Nav 4 was added, ? (3) In SU10 Beta, Both nav1 & Nav2 audio stopped working,
in a plane , even if that plane did not have a Nav3 or Nav 4 We now hear from
Asobo: This issue has been fixed on our side and the fix will come with the
next SU10 flighting update. Let us know if you encounter any issue with it
when it’s released.
(a) What is a "next Su10 flighting update ? (1) A
Beta 2 Update (2) The final SU10 update in August (b) What has been fixed ?
Nav 1 & Nav 2 Not producing audio and / or Nav Audio way to low at max volume
Also, has the “fix” resulted in any update/correction to the SDK in this area
? My hope BOTH of these issue have been fixed, and there will be another SU10
Beta 2, before release, so we can confirm that the issues have been fixed, or
else we are waiting another 1-2 Months for any chance of a permanent fix.

Hello @N6722C During the flighting, the game will be
updated several times so we include fixes on issues you reported, until the
end of the flighting where the final build of SU10 will be released. So the
issue that will be fixed in the next beta version is the NAV1 & 2 audio no
longer working. The problem with sounds being too low has been reported as
well and a fix is planned but I can’t tell when it will be available yet. I
hope that answers your questions. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks Sylvain for the clarification. The word " Flighting " was
confusing, used instead of the more common phrase ‘’ Beta Testing "
Looking forward to experiencing that update, and hope that while the nav3 nav4
code issue is being addressed, the opportunity can be made to increase that
nav Audio level , Regards Geoff (N6722C)