NAV_RADIO_WHOLE_INC/DEC events reset fractional frequency on rollover

When the NAV frequency rolls over from 117MHz to 108MHz, the fractional
frequency part is reset to .00. Going back from 117MHz to 108MHz, the
fractional part is reset to .95. For example if the NAV frequency is set to
117.45 and we send NAV1_RADIO_WHOLE_INC event, the NAV frequency in MSFS
changes to 108.00 instead of 108.45. If we then send NAV1_RADIO_WHOLE_DEC
event, the frequency will change to 117.95. Only NAV frequencies are
affected, COM frequencies do not show this issue. This bug is also present in
all Asobo aircraft, I guess all radio implementations use these events.

Hello @some1 Thanks for reporting this discrepancy, we’re looking into it.
Regards, Sylvain

Hello @some1 This will be fixed in upcoming SU10 update. Regards, Sylvain