NDB marks (Inner, Middle, Outer) non functional in SU10 beta

Is it know by Asobo that the Runway markers (Inner, Middle, Outer) are no
longer working in latest SU10 Beta. No indication, and no sound. ? They
were working prior to SU10 beta, and after the 1st SU10 beta, but seem to have
got broken in the current SU10 Beta update.

Hello @N6722C , What you mean by ’ 'inner middle outer ‘’?? Which aircraft
did you test with? Which NDB are you talking about? I just tested it with the
default C172 on SU10 (current beta) and it’s working (both indication and
morse code sound)

Regards, Boris

That’s NDBs that have the Morse. The Markers just have a TONE.Looking at the
Nav database in MSFS with LNM (as a Tool to display number of markers found)

Last two SU10 Betas

Hey @N6722C , Indeed, there was a problem with the markers that were missing.
This issue will be fixed in the next SU10 build :wink: Regards, Boris

Thanks Boris – That is really GREAT News . Thank you for the update .

**It looks like the fix for the Missing Beacon Markers make it into today’s
SU10 Beta - 1:27:17.0 Thank you. **

But no Beacon Markers, detected
by LNM, I will inform the Little Nav Map Developer. that something may
have changed to prevent him from reading the nav data correctly
UPDATE: It seems this is a
little more complex that it appear to be at first.
With just MSFS’s Nav
Databse, the Marker Beacon are still not functional, BUT, if one uses the
NaviGraph Nav Database, then the Markers do activate. So its a 3 way complex
issue between 1: MSFS SU10 (Beta) 2: Navigraph 3: Little Nav Map So for those
using Navigraph (and ignoring LNM), Marker Beacon do appear to work, but
without Navigraph, they are missing.