Need help in checking custom airport where live traffic is visible in activity window in menu but not in game

I have created a custom airport which is a real airport but not modelled in
MSFS. I see in menu that “live airport activity” shows the departures and
arrivals, however, there is no aircraft activity in game. My taxiways and
parkings are correct and modelled properly as custom Ai traffic I created
works fine with it. I need urgent help in understanding where I am going

Attached an image that shows live airport activity being detected. I am
available for voice calls to resolve issue, I can share screen and get better
SDkK info. PLease help.

Hello @vikram_roxtar , Since this airport is relatively new, we don’t have
default data for it yet and that explains why you don’t have live traffic
displayed here. I’m afraid there is no workaround except to wait for a
potential update at this location. Regards, Boris