Nested / Additional Input Events

I’m currently trying to add an additional (nested) input event, similar to the
multiple input events that exist for many knobs (when left button is held,
move axis to inc/dec, right click to push), but for a switch. I’ve followed
the SDK example (Creating Interactions Using Input Events). My second input
event is functioning so far as the correct tooltip is showing up for the
additional push event, but the ON_PUSH_EVENT code for my nested input event
does not trigger when the right mouse button is clicked. However, the
resulting B: _push event that’s created CAN be executed from the behaviors
window, so I know the event is being created properly, and the code contained
in the ON_PUSH_EVENT is working. Before I post code examples to see if anyone
can determine where I’ve went wrong, the primary question is this: Are
additional (or nested) input events available when the NTERACTION_TYPE is a
switch? Or will it only work for ‘knob’?

Bump on this please.

Hello @MV-JimStewart At the moment, only knobs type are handling push event so
you’ll have to implement it. Regards, Sylvain