Networked simconnect connection

Hello , @Asobo is in your plan to allow networked simconnect connection
between an external PC and MSFS XBOX version?

I want add another thing to this discussion… i know that TCP connection is
not allowed in XBOX, but if you plans to workaround this with UDP connection
or other please let us know , for planning our job for the next future .

Any feedback from Asobo ? Thanks

Hello @Kartijno No, there are no plans for that at the moment. I think the
question was addressed during the last SDK Live Q&A; session. Regards, Sylvain

Hi ! Sorry but i dont saw the answer in the recorded Q&A; ! Ok for this topic
. Last 2 questions if i can post here , otherwise please redirect me where i
can write it : 1) For Externel tools ( Tool are out-of process) there is
chance to be allowed in in-game marketplace? 2) SimConnect can be used in a
WASM module inside XBOX ?

I know this is out of topic questions i repost on a separate thread