New AE for SU11 changes the #iEng to #IEng

AE for SU11 changes the #iEng to #IEng Basically making the letter i a capital
letter and this is causing a bug that when you shut off the left engine both
alternators are no longer producing voltage. Hope to see this fixed in the
next update.

I was surprised this easy fix was not updated in SU12.

Hello @Flysimware A fix was pushed in SU12
regarding this and this is now case insensitive. I have just double checked it
on the Da62 SDK sample and having “IEng” in the cfg gives the correct
alternator behavior. Not sure what the problem could be in your case. Is the
case of iEng the only difference? Regards, Sylvain

Hi @FlyingRaccoon, I see you guys updated the
sim to read both lower case and upper case so the alternators both will work
correctly. That is why I was confused nothing changed. This is probably a
better route since you never know if someone may use either case when hand
writing the cfg. Thanks.