New fuel system and new electrical system: Hard to develop from scratch

The new fuel system and the new electrical system are great, in principle. They are steps in the very right direction, offering fairly complete flexibility compared to the legacy ways to do things, that presumably have been the same since FS2000 or earlier?

But. Given the somewhat lacking debug and logging features, it is hard to develop an add-on this way. I guess most people start off with existing systems from some fairly complicated bundled aircraft and then try to strip away things their add-on doesn’t actually have. And if that works, good. Sadly it is way too easy to get into a situation where things don’t work and you have no idea why not.

I would much prefer to work the other way. Start from some extremely simple setup (like, for the electrical system, one battery, one bus, one circuit) and then add more and more step by step, making sure at each step that things still work. But even that is hard.

Could we please in some future iteration of the SDK have such a sample aircraft, with very minimal but modern systems, no legacy stuff?

The electrical system has a very nice debugger that allows changing state (see the Systems section of Behaviors Debug). Unfortunately no such thing exists for the fuel system, so one has to check simvars with the SimVarWatcher program from the SDK.

You mean “nice” as in “better than nothing”. Compared to the developer friendliness of the really nice tools available to software developers, like MS’s own Visual Studio, it is in a different league. But sure, the customer base of such tools is a couple of orders of magnitude greater than the number of potential add-on aircraft developers. Still, one would think that Asobo and Microsoft themselves would spend more effort on making the tools they (hopefully (“dog fooding”)) use themselves more user friendly.

(Moved another gripe to a topic of its own.)

(Hopefully no replies in the style of “oh you youngsters shouldn’t complain, back in FS9 days we had to walk to school through two feet of snow for miles, uphill”. Er, I mean “we had to use hex editors to tweak aircraft” etc.)