New Ground Physics handling issues

Dear Asobo,

Version: Flighting SU13 - 1.37.12

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: High/Blocker

Context: *C172 and our own products with new Ground Physics enabled, mounted in community, official, devmode or no devmode.

Bug description:

Since the last SU15 flighting drop last Friday (1.37.12), there is a weird behaviour with the new ground physics handling, it seems a new variable has been introduced (no documentation yet) ground_new_contact_model_up_to_speed_lateral_steering, this is in addition to the two other previous ones that are now documented:

This new variable is set on the C172 as 0.1

ground_new_contact_model_up_to_speed_lateral_steering = 0.1;

And now the C172 is veering more aggressively with the x-winds in comparison with previous versions, almost like the new ground handling is being totally ineffective.

After hours and hours of intense testing it seems this variable is pretty similar to ground_new_contact_model_up_to_speed_lateral, but it is taking more weight in terms of controlling how the aircraft would react to lateral forces.

The flighting documentation doesn’t specify what this variable does, but I have noticed the following behaviours:

A) With aircraft that have a lot of torque (Turbo Props, for example FSR500) if this new variable is not configured above default (1.5 to 5), and the new ground vibrations are in place with gear flex, etc., the airplane start skidding to the left / right while holding parking brakes and throttle at full power.

B) With the setting set at default, the airplanes are veering left / right with x-wind just as they do in SU14, almost like this disables the new ground handling.

C) With the setting set at 1000.00, the airplane then becomes very sticky on rolling (pretty much like previous SU15 were), however unfortunately it is cancelling all torque forces for my TurboProps (even if rolling stickiness is set to very low levels), it seems only wind has an effect on the airplane after you rolling at some speed.

Perhaps all this is intended, perhaps not, but I wanted to bring this to the attention of the time while we might have time to correct things prior to SU15 being released. One particular thing I am interested is in trying to use the new physics with high powerful turboprops and I seem to be unable to achieve this as I either has no torque effect on runway, or, I have full torque effect on the runway but then the new physics don’t seem to be doing anything like in the C172 now.

Repro steps:

  1. Set a full 90 degree xwind factor on the runway.
  2. Set the wind speed at 9kts
  3. Try taking off with the C172, you will notice it now veers much more towards wind during initial and full roll
  4. Set ground_new_contact_model_up_to_speed_lateral_steering = 1000;
  5. Attempt the take off in the same conditions… note the difference…

Thanks to all for you attention,


CEO FSReborn

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