New SimConnect variable: Reference datum position

Many SimConnect variables such as EYEPOINT POSITION are given relative to
aircraft’s datum reference position, but SimConnect does not expose it. The
position is usually (0.0, 0.0, 0.0), but there are notable exceptions like the
default 747-8, which has refpoint at (83.5, 0.0, 0.0). Please add a
SIMCONNECT_DATA_XYZ type variable to expose reference datum position.

Wouldn’t this be against Microsoft/Asobo design plans? I thought they were
explaining they don’t want to add a camera api because they rather implement
themselves the various camera features that users are asking.

Just knowing WHERE the (any) Camera is (through Simconnect), would be already
very helpful.

Found the post from last year here: And the official comments:
[Live Dev Q&A; - April 27th, 2022 - Community / News and Announcements -
Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums](

Chat question – Is there any plans to open the camera api for 3rd party devs
or improve it? A large part of the Community has been wanting a more
advanced camera system.

Jorg – We are going to make improvements. We want to have the best
system in the base sim. We still need to discuss about this.

Nothing to do with cameras. My aim is to access airplane geometry related
variables such as engine position or interactive points, which are all based
off the datum reference point, which is not available through SimConnect.
Without knowing datum reference point, it’s impossible to recalculate their
offsets into absolute world coordinates.

Aren’t these in the various .cfg file? I’d thought reading them to extract the
info should work? Or is FS2020 still not offering the means for gauges to get
the information about which aircraft folder, and which panel variation folder,
it is currently running with?* Does it still require devs to “cheat” via the
5th param (for WASM gauges) or to hardcode this, because the SDK is still
built around the idea a 3rd party dev is not just doing gauge but a self-
contained package of gauges, models, etc… and the 3rd party dev obviously
must know all the files in his/her package? Can’t any gauge read its own files
otherwise? I mean even if they are protected by the DRM? *how unfortunate
this information is still not exposed, like all prior FS versions and P3D,
even if in the case of all prior FS and P3D versions, this information was
readily available and unchanged from FS9 to P3D5 in the internal panel related
structures… just an indirect address access away as-is.

I want to get eyepoint position to mimic a moiré pattern based visual aid at
an airport, but translating the existing eyepoint variable into world
coordinates requires knowing datum reference point, which is currently not
available. Reading *.cfg files of airplane packages is not an option due to
package isolation rules. In some cases (such as the default 787), config files
are encrypted and unreadable anyway.