New update fs et sdk

To add content to my first question lol (0 answer), I looked a little on my
side to know that: So I updated FS since updates are mandatory. Being a
beginner in the world of development, understanding how things work parallel
to the errors added induces great modesty… but . My problem: when I create
3d content and when I package it for MSFS, I get since the new update a small
transparent cube. I first believed in an SDK problem and I loaded an example
(scenery sample)… Same result, the box sample appears like my objects like a
small transparent cube. I still did it again with a cube I made that I re-
imported into the project and again a small transparent cube. At the edge of
desperation, I closed MSFS and I relaunched it, I reloaded my project and oh
surprise, my cubes appeared… What can you deduce from it? Should I uninstall
MSFS and reinstall it to solve the problem or are you aware of this bug? and
how to fix it? Thanking you for your interest in my question and your
answer… Sincerely!