No electrical power to cockpit after loading update

After loading an aircraft, I get the message No electrical power. Radio, autopilot or navigational systems do not work. I have cleaned out Community File and reinstalled software but still the same issue.

Does this show in the console or as a notification?

Yes it does

No, I am asking if it shows in the console or as a white notification on the screen :smiley:

Sorry, miss read your message.
It seems to be a mixture. On the Britten Norman Islander and Cessna 414 the engines but none of the navigation systems work nor does autopilot and the radio comes up with a message on screen saying

“The electrical systems must be turned on in order to use the radio and speak to Air Traffic Control (ATC)”

On the Boeing 787 (10) I cannot start the plane as the external power buttons on the console are off and won’t move.

I didn’t have any of these problems before the update.


Based on what I am reading (and please correct me if I am wrong! :blush:) it’s not an issue with the SDK/Dev mode. So I think you would have a better chance of reporting it on the MSFS Official Forum ( since the site is for Dev Mode/SDK

and if it does deal with the SDK/Dev mode please correct me!

I think you are right

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