No ground effect with CFD?

Greets, Is it just me or wasn’t native ground effect supposed to be added with
the CFD simulation?
While rotating the fully loaded 747, the line dont change much, you can see
the lines simply clip out of the ground.

Another thing ive noticed,
enabling the Htail interaction causes a way too high 2-3° pitch up angle. In
the video there was only mention of a 0.5° change in tail incidence.

Hello @MrTommymxr The ground effect is supported but depending on the CFD
resolution and aircraft scale, we can have precision issues leading to the
effect not being correctly aligned with the ground. Starting from SU10, we
will expose an additional parameter CFD_GroundCollisionVoxelOffset so you
can adjust that and match your configuration. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks. While im here on the topic of ground effect. The current ground effect
calculations ignore the icing penalty. You can see in the clip, The plane
struggles to climb, but gains alot of lift close to the ground.

Hello Reviewing this with our FM dev, I can confirm you the ground effect
takes the icing into account. Ground effect intensity is relative so any drag
or lift effect will be taken into account when ground effect is computed.
Regards, Sylvain