No other polygon options when Water is defined?

Just curious if this was intentional or an oversight. I’m surprised it hasn’t
been brought up yet… (Or if it has, I must have missed it) Why is it that
water polygons can only have water defined, as opposed to before where I could
mark it as Water , check Terraforming to smooth it out, and check
Vegetation to exclude trees near the water edge. Several updates ago, this
could all be defined in the same polygon. Now you need to use two separate
polys for the same task, as water requires it’s own poly…

Nope, it’s intentional and to me it’s about time. Overriding more options on
the same assets COULD (not sure it will, but it COULD) bring more issues than
benefits, so i’d rather stick to duplicate the polygon and apply different
properties if needed, but I can assure you that’s on purpose :wink:

Thanks for the reply. Going forward, it’s not a big deal. The big downside is
i now have to go back and add terraforming to around 400 lakes… Oh well. Will
just have to do a few at a time. :slight_smile:

Surface material polygons also need to be as a separate poly, as adding
vegetation or biome properties will hide the surface material in the DevMode
and in the sim. I don’t see this as an improvement. There’s no reason a single
poly couldn’t do the job. This undocumented change of behavior is for version
0.3.0. The old version (0.2.5) still works in the sim, but behaves strangely
in DevMode.