Not all settings are saved in Dev Mode

It would be nice if more settings could be saved/restored between Dev Mode
sessions, for example:

  • The Properties view toggle in the Scenery Editor window
  • The Gizmo view toggle in the Scenery Editor window

Also, an Autosave function would be useful, to prevent losing work due to CTDs
while editing.

+1 The notification settings are really an anoyance when trying to work. Every
time I start the sim in dev mode, I must turn off the notifications else they
constantly pop up.

I would add to this thread my UX/UI notes: - Saving the Locked and Hidden
items (remain locked and/or hidden when we open the project) - Hidden item
not compiled in the scenery - Move to option in the right click include move
to Folder (for now it is an icon but could be both). - Being able to have a
Sim UI and environment proper to Dev Mode (No drop down tool bar that appears
if we move the mouse to trace a polygon for example and perhaps global quick
rendering settings like 3D programs do etc) I also noticed we can’t hide a
group? And I believe the polygons not staying in their group when we open the
project is already known Thanks Michel

I would like to add my +1 again to the post now that I am using more and more
the grouping in folders and sub folders In terms of user experience, saving
the status of hidden and locked folders and items with the project is very
useful for users. Thanks