Now, when SU5 is out, when the next SDK (v14?) will be here?

SU5 is out, when the next SDK (v14?) will be here? Just to have a user having
power to switch ON airport lights or to HIDE some fancy SimObject … I do
need to plan my development workflow :slight_smile:

Hello, It’s coming very soon, this week most likely! Have a good day, Alyzée

YEEEEEAH! :smiley:

Really hope it is :slight_smile: thanks you for clarifying this. Waiting to get my Jetways
back and working on my export. Not to mention all the messed up apron issues.
SonantaAlpaca, when you say this week most likely do you mean Friday or Sunday

This new SDK doesn’t fix all the latest Devmode-related issues, we’re still
working on some of them, hopefully they’ll make it for the next update
(August). We’ll keep you posted ASAP!

Just to report a small issue with the docs: the .CHM version of the
documentation doesn’t open, while the HTML version does.

Still cant solve jetway issue. the only thing keeping me from release. If
anyone can plz maybe enlighten me here…they work fine - when they decide
to show, they are flawless…I re dropped them in over again with new
parking’s…still nothing on export but all there in dev mode. I am getting