NXCub | Interior Door Glass - Never Parented


Frequency: Consistently if Coded (Not coded in Default)

Severity: Low. However, an Annoyance to Modify

Context: Base Game. However, issue was discovered because we are modifying that aircraft in-house

Bug description: MODEL: Interior NODE: windshield ISSUE: Never separated and parented to doors

Repro steps: Simply look into the GLTF animations. Job was half-way done. Although, we can’t fault the aircraft directly because it was never implemented for release. That said, we would appreciate a final fix. Should be really easy to fix. Separate the door glass and parent each one to their door. 2-Minute Fix with Source Files.

Attachments: Model Imported to Verify (Video Link):

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It may be necessary to wait until MSFS2024 before ASOBO will modify these default aircraft issues.

Hello @Jonx

I will not log this as a bug since, as you mentioned, the default aircraft has no use for it.
But I forwarded the information to our artists nonetheless, in case that’s something they want to look at at some point.