Once again, I cannot use FS because it demands to update

I have a complaint. Nearly every single time I have a spare hour, and I want
to use MS Flight Sim, that I paid for, I cannot. Why? Because I launch the
program and it says “downloading mandatory 86 Gigabyte Update!”. So, by the
time it is finished updating, I will already be in bed. This happens almost
EVERY TIME I go to use the program. Don’t get me wrong, I love that MS is
updating the program and fixing bugs. This is Great! The problem is that I am
not in control of the process. I have limited time each month to play, and
100% of the time, that is taken away by mandatory updates from Microsoft. This
is WRONG. I love this program, been using it since around 1985. But come on
guys. You need to rethink this process. I’m looking at it now, it’s at 20%,
the time is 8:10 PM eastern. Once again I will not be able to use the software
this weekend. I have to get up early for work.

In my opinion, you should keep such complaints on the end-user forums where
they belong. This site is for developers. If this forum, too, will be drowned
by end-user complaints, that will just make it harder for developers to
develop add-on software. Presumably you like “mods”? Then let the developers
of such discuss technical issues in peace.