Online Documentation is Broken

Hi Guys, Not sure if you guys have noticed, but the online documentation is
broken… the left index is missing all the simulation variables, evens_id,
etc. Searching for the events_ID results in nothing found… Given there are
problems with the SDK 0.17, I am staying at SDK 0.16 and I am unable to read
the new documentation online due to this severe fault… Can the documentation
be fixed please? Thanks Simbol

Hello @Simbol , Did you clear the cache of your
browser ? What browser do you use ? Can you give me some screenshot ? Regards,

Hi Boris, Yes I cleared the cache via CTRL+F5 and other means… it happens
with Google Chrome or Edge… doesn’t matter. Se pic below of the left index
here… totally wrong, unde Xbox it shows parts of the WASM code, programming
tools is missing all the variables, event’s ids, etc. Using the search doesn’t
work… for example if you search for event’s id… nothing loads and the link
for events ID’s is returning a link that doesn’t display either:
Totally broken my friend… I downloaded the .017 documentation and works
locally, but the online version is totally shattered for some reason. Best,

my online page looks like the offline page the ?agt=index looks funny though

Online documentation is working fine for me, but not with your direct link.
Going to and browsing or searching works

Could it be something to do with regions or the hosting ? I am in the UK, I
have tried on 3 different computers… Same results… Clearing the cache with
CTRL+F5 doesn’t resolve it. S.

CTRL + F5 does not clear the cache but ignore it at the first only reload of
the page. Since the cache may conflict with this option, you should always
clear the cache and not ignore it. How to clear cache in

Can you try this and tell me if it’s better ? Regards, Boris

This is very destructive since it will kill lots of my cookies to logon to a
lot of stuff. I will have to wait until things expire normally then… I will
use the offline documentation in the meantime. Many thanks for your time to
look into this… S.

@Simbol , Cookies and cache are not the same
. You can choose to clear the cache but keep the cookies. You just need
to uncheck the box ‘clear cookie’, that’s all. Regards, Boris

Thanks Boris, I am just paranoid about it lol… S.