Option to have 2 versions of MSFS, for MSFS Beta Testers

What if we had the ability to have 2 versions of MSFS on our computers. Then
when a test version of MSFS goes bad, developers have an emergency fallback.
Same for customers and the people that all use MSFS. They would simply boot up
the ‘original version’ fall back edition and continue on. Less pain on people.
A humble idea. Bill LHC

Yes! Please! In my experience there have been too many bugs on the beta
versions to “daily-drive” them as both an addon dev and a regular user. I
would love to do beta testing, but that requires me also having access to the
stable release at the same time. I assume the size of the sim is the reason to
keep them as one version. Having two separate versions would still allow
testers with limited space to uninstall the stable version if they wish. I
have some experience with beta tests from other large games, like World of
warcraft, where having both release, alpha/beta, and sometimes even a third
test version, available separately at the same time has worked great. I think
having them combined like this is costing you good beta testers.

You can already have two versions installed on your computer together side-by-
side; one from Steam and the other from the Windows Store. It works well for
the use case you described.

Leads to another idea… having the ability to export and import control
assignments. What a nightmare it is to manually reconfigure both sides!