Osm debug / exclude

Is the debug powerlines / debug OSM feature supposed to work? I can’t see any
further information on screen when those debugs are enable Also, can you
explain the logic behind the powerlines exclude? I’m a bit into OSM, but can’t
figure out that, a Exclusion polygon for powerlines excludes the pylons within
a radius from the polygon (buffer?) Or a given Number of pylons along the line
(way) before and next to the excluded pylon? Many thanks anyway for the
feauture, cables are on the their way :wink:

Seconded. I can’t figure out how power towers exclusions work, too. It appears
they are removed by sections instead of one by one. The problem is I can’t
understand what defines these sections. It doesn’t look like it’s a specific
number of towers, radius from exclusion, or specific coordinates grid. Can you
at least give us a hint on how does it work? Replacing all 15 millions towers
just to fix/upgrade 100000 sounds like a bit of an overkill :wink:

@Darwikey I’ve seen you have been helping with street light excludes. Maybe
you could help us here with power towers exclusions? Edit: aaaand I don’t
think @ worked. Can anyone from the team mention Darwikey?

@Darwikey and @Boris This is old but still active, Are the debug osm feature
and debug osm powerlines supposed to work ? Here a good sample featuring a
windmill and a powerline (that’s with my mod active, but i take my data from
osm like Asobo does!)


maybe non working feature should be removed from the docu?

Hello! As far as I am aware, those debug options are still valid and should
work, which is why they’re still in the docs and visible in the Options menu
in DevMode. I’ll have a chat with @FlyingRaccoon and see if something has

Hi, The debug OSM feature points and power lines has been fixed a few weeks
ago (the fix will be available in a futur update). Regard, Xavier