Output path does not exist

I’ve been having some trouble for a while, where I am getting ‘Output path
does not exist’ during the build process in sim, referring to the Packages
folder and specifically the model .gltf and .bin Is this to do with the known
issue ‘Aircraft will not build’ or to do with the LOD levels? I currently only
have one LOD as this project is still in development. Every other file is
successfully building, converting, or being moved across to the Packages
folders as usual. It’s an odd error as its the tool itself that is creating
these paths and files. Does it mean it is unable to read my exported .gltf and
.bin files (and therefore not able to generate it across? )

I guess no one else has seen this then…

Hello @Parorng Is this error showing at every build? If so, if you send me
your package, I can have a look at what’s causing this. Regards, Sylvain