Overwrite objects with same GUID

Hi Guys, There is way to overwrite default objects from fs-base? Example: high
voltage towers - part of fs-base, inside of Asobo_Props.bgl Maybe objects
using the same GUID? Yes, I know it is not a good/recommended practice, and
that’s the purpose of UUID’s, be unique :slight_smile: I can have 2 objects with the same
GUID in different bgls, but the sim don’t load this object from the custom
package in every load, and I don’t have a way to force priority between
packages. Thanks!

You should never have identical GUIDs. That’s the reason for the GUID numbers
as the chances of a duplicate are quite small.

Hello @leonardomoreira I understand your point and the will to replace default
assets with custom ones but this is not supported at the moment. You don’t
want to replace existing GUIDs for sure, always create a new one. Regards,