Panel_Collision doesn´t work - Double Cursor in VR

Hello! I´m struggling to get the panel_collision mesh to be recognized in
VR. I use Blender 3.1 with the MSFS-Toolkit 0.40.0 and exported a Mesh named
Panel_Collision with my model. All other Meshes, like e.g.
Drone_Collision_In are working fine. I swapped the normals for testing
purposes or put the Mesh in an Empty. Nothing seems to work with the
PANEL_COLLISION. It´s an invisible mesh with activated Collision Material.
The mesh is shown to me in developer mode as a black/white checkerboard. In
the *.gltf the collision-mesh is listed and has the “Collision”-Tag. Could
anybody tell me, how you got it working, that you don´t see the mouse cursor
double in VR? I would be very thankful for help!

I have the same difficulties. Following.

Fixed. The directions of the normals are important.