Panels reset after flight

I’ve seen it posted in the users forums but I haven’t seen it here so here we

When this setting is set to
OFF in the Assistance options the following happens when the end-screen would
normally show up.

  1. All in-game panels reset (Weather, Cameras, Checklists, W&B;, 3rd party)
  2. All doors are closing if any were open, leading me to think other things are resetting as well.

Yes, It’s like the flight is still ended, and then immediately resumed. It
would probably be better to not end the flight at all, like the setting

Hello @runshotgun , @Mr_LiamT , I don’t think this is related to devmode or
sdk, so the best way to report it will be to open a ticket on our
. Thank you, Regards,

That’s debatable. I have opened a ticket and upvoted the multiple thread
talking about this issue on the forums.