Parking Reservation (Military / Helicopters / Heavy etc, and combinations of many)

Hello everyone. I’ve been making for 9 months an Airport in the Pyrenees which
includes on the same surface a Civil airport and a Military Heliport. Now here
it comes the real issue. Using 2 different BGLs with 2 airport objects
causes a lot of problems with priorties, being the airport object always
round and without a chance to irregularly shape it. This means that in
my Civil Airport spawns F18s, and all the rest of Mil. Vehicles that shouldn’t
just be there, while in the Military Heliport, it’s full of Cessnas and XCubs,
and so on. Would it be doable to add a simple flag to filter with an
additive logic (Flagging Military + Helicopters would spawn only Military
Helicopters, flagging GA and Cargo will spawn only non-passenger GA planes
etc) what a parking spot for Airplanes can spawn? Just posting some “flag”
examples. GA Heavy Liners Superheavy Cargo Military Helicopters Gliders STOL
Emergency VTOL Other (for mods like Car mods, boat mods e
tc) To me, it
sounds like a good way to have complete control over the parking logic, and
also, the taxi logic and make the ATC automatically a bit more smart, since
certain vehicles won’t just spawn there, but won’t be directed to some
parkings because they don’t fit the categories. Really, this would help us in
a lot of useful ways and will have basically no downside, and a lot of pros :slight_smile:

I’d like to see FBO_x, where x is a variable number to account for multiple
FBO’s on an airfield, MIL_TRAINING, and maybe MIL_OPS or something like that,
too :slight_smile: Or, for that matter, why limit it? Why not let users/developers create
their own parking labels, with some fields for what ATC should say. Of course,
this also means that users should be able to modify the aircraft.cfg for DRM’d
planes… or maybe a parking.cfg file could be created for aircraft, that
contains airline and parking information. Of course, that gets complicated
because such variables would be livery related, which should probably all be
in one place, which means, the aircraft.cfg is it. I’m not sure why that file
is locked up in DRM. It doesn’t contain proprietary information. I’d really
like the airline field to be added to the scenery editor so we don’t have to
edit it by hand in the xml. Does MSFS even honor the airline field at parking?
(sorry, I often think with my mouth)

atc_parking_code is used by the Sim with no issues. But as you said at the
moment you need to set the code manualy in the XML