Parking Spots Default to size Medium

Hello, couldn’t find an answer to this through multiple searches so here I am. All the parking spots in my airport keep reverting back to size medium every time I reload a project. This happens with all types of parking whether it’s gates, ramps, GA, or cargo. I’m on the latest SDK and have tried building packages inside and outside the sim but the sizes always default to medium. Is this something I need to change in the .cfg files?


Are you adjusting the parking radius value as well?
Try lowering it from it’s default value to like 6m or something.

If you use “Type” Ramp_GA (Just that one alone, not small or medium, or anything else) that will default it to Medium.

I have not attempted to adjust the parking radius. Next time I’m in the SDK I will take a look and see what I can make happen. Thanks!